Living Room To Bedroom And Back Again!. Magic Sofa Wall Beds

Living Room To Bedroom And Back Again!. Magic Sofa Wall Beds

Clei's Sofa Wall Beds: Turn Your Living Room into a Bedroom (and Back Again!)

Living in a cozy apartment can be awesome, but fitting everything you need can feel impossible. Especially when it comes to having a separate bedroom and living space. Here's where Clei comes in with their amazing sofa wall bed collection. These clever beds fold up into stylish sofas, giving you the best of both worlds without the squeeze.

Clei's Tango, Swing, and Oslo: Your Daytime Hangout Spots

Forget those lumpy futons! Clei's Tango, Swing, and Oslo models are comfy sofas that look great in any living room.

  • Tango: a versatile sectional sofa wall bed that can be configured in layouts from a two seater to a large corner sofa wall bed with comfy cushions and slide out seats.

  • Swing: Calling all couch potatoes! The Swing is a spacious three-seater with a chaise lounge for ultimate chilling. It even has hidden storage under the seats for blankets, pillows, or whatever you need nearby.

  • Oslo: If you love clean lines and modern style, the Oslo is for you. It has a bench-style sofa that folds down into a UK king sized bed (US queen size). Plus, there's an optional ottoman that tucks away neatly when the bed is open, giving you more floor space.

Night time Magic: From Sofa to Bed in a Snap

These Clei beds fold down easily and safely, giving you a comfy place to sleep. Imagine curling up with a book on your Clei sofa one minute, then transforming the space into a cozy bedroom the next. No more struggling with awkward furniture or giving up precious living space for a separate bedroom.

Style Your Way

Clei knows your living space should reflect you. That's why their sofa wall beds come in a bunch of different colours and styles to match your taste. Whether you love modern and sleek or warm and inviting, there's a Clei bed that fits right in.

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Small Space, Big Living

Clei's Tango, Swing, and Oslo sofa wall beds are more than just furniture; they're a way to make the most of your apartment or house. By day, they're comfy sofas for relaxing. By night, they transform into cozy beds for sleeping. Ditch any limitations and embrace the cleverness of Clei. With Clei, you can have a stylish living room and a comfy bedroom, all in one amazing package.

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